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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5f948694-75d8-4209-8f99-568b24e4adc5.jpegJanuary 28, 2021 – by Pat Riot, Publisher ~ The cry was “MAGA!” The Party formed itself. After realizing that most Republican Congressmen were Traitors, just like every Democrat Party Congressmen, American Patriots more than 100 million American Patriots have abandoned the Republican Party and unofficially, although clearly, formed our own party, built on the principles upon which this nation was founded.

The Patriot Party doesn’t need or want any millionaires to lead this movement. This is a party of the people, by the people and for the people. We will remain untethered to corporate money and decide for ourselves who we nominate and vote for, without a big inauguration show or corrupt media presence. We’ll talk, and we’ll decide who we ALL vote for. It’s never been done in this country, but it’s going to be done NOW.

We are the people of America and we will decide our destiny. It’s that simple.

  • Patriot Party members are Patriot Party members when they SAY they are Patriot Party members. We self-identify. 
  • No official party registered with this corrupt, illegitimate government. We are a party of the people, for the people and by the people. Period.
  • No need to re-register as Patriot Party members. Stay registered as Republicans so we have a voice in the illegitimate Primaries if you choose to, but if the GOP nominates another NWO candidate like Bush or Cheney , Patriot Party members all throw our weight behind a mutually agreed upon candidate like Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ben Carson or another Patriot that WE DECIDE would make the best next President. We’ll talk and we will decide who to vote for. 

It’s that simple.

CATCHING UP: Our first order of business is to give the military time to finish what Trump set in motion – the Insurrection Act. None of us are happy about waiting, as we watch this illegitimate “President” tearing down what President Trump built. But we will likely stand down until April 1. If this illegitimate government hasn’t been removed and arrested by April 1, the Patriot Party will be moving on to our second order of business.

We all know what that is. For now, we pray and we wait and we watch. And then we pray some more, continue to buy as much ammo as possible, stay ready, prepared and alert and trust the process.

For now, that’s what we’ll do – trust the process.

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May 13, 2020 – by Pat Riot, Publisher ~ Americans are preparing for a new day coming. With recent events revealing Communist infiltrators within our U.S. government, We the People – America’s Patriots – are planning to remove and replace every single Democrat Party Communist in Congress, every Democrat Party Governor and every Democrat Party affiliated director of every government program from sea to shining sea, from LA, SF and Seattle to NY, Baltimore, Cleveland and Atlanta, all of America’s worst cities are run by Democrat Party Communists – ALL of them. (Click photo for “America’s 25 Worst Cities” article.)

“First, the top ten homeless cities are sanctuary cities, all led by Democrats. Second, the top-ten “most dangerous” are led by Democrats.”


Today’s Democrat Party is not “The Democrat Party” that many Americans remember. Today’s Democrat Party has been hijacked by New World Order “Globalists” – a New Age, Politically Correct way to hide the word “Communists”.  That’s right, the Democrat Party today is really “The Communist Party USA”, pretending to be your father’s Democrat Party. This group of individuals are not pro-American or even behaving like Americans, in any way. They are anti-American Communists, hostile to the USA, who intend to destroy this great nation, no matter what the cost is to you and your children and grandchildren.

You’ll notice that everything today’s predominantly Atheist Democrat-Communist Party does is designed NOT to help Americans live the American Dream, but to get/keep Americans dependent on government. That is what Communists do. They do not attempt to help homeless people get back on their feet.  Instead, they facilitate homelessness, trying to make homeless folks as comfortable as possible in their homelessness. They do not help drug addicts get free from addictions; instead, Democrat Communists facilitate drug addiction and give it Politically Correct misleading names like “harm reduction”, so you’ll think it’s a good thing. Getting people to switch from Heroin to Methadone is what we in the recovery community call “Switching seats on the Titanic”. Active addiction is addiction, whether the addict gets their drugs on the street or from the government. Legalizing pot, when alcohol already reeks so much havoc on American families is not an act of kindness. It is an effort to dumb people down and make more Americans intoxicated, which lowers the pot user’s IQ and makes people easier to manipulate.

Senator Joe McCarthy tried to warn Americans that Communists had infiltrated the American government, the public education system, and were settling into public service across our nation and were setting themselves up in positions of influence – Democrat Presidents appointed Communists to positions as Judges and the wealthy NWO Communists began buying up media corporations like CBS, ABC, NBC and other media broadcasting corporations in order to begin influencing Americans in the way we think. This effort became the utilization of the most effective psychological warfare against unknowing viewers, and investigative Journalism officially died at that time, and was replaced by radical Communist opinions. The New World Order Communists successfully took over the entire Mainstream Media in America and began using it to manipulate public opinion, swaying American viewers’ thinking, literally brainwashing viewers into hating America. The NWO Communists gradually made a case for Socialism – ‘Communism light’ – and like the frog in the pot, which doesn’t even notice that the heat is being turned up gradually, Americans did not notice how they were being turned against their own nation and today viewers appear completely lulled into a dulled state of awareness, hostile to any reference to the conspiracy taking place right now and unable to see what is so obvious to the rest of us.

Despite McCarthy’s warnings, American’s didn’t realize what was going on. They had always watched “The news” daily, and were not aware that the Democrat Party Communists had changed America’s laws so that monopolies were no longer against the law. As the NWO Communists acquired station after station across America, homogenizing the message on every news station, causing viewers mistakenly believe that “They all say the same thing so it must be true!”. Really, stations all said the same thing because that is how Communist propaganda is forced down the throats of viewers – the same message, all the time. For American television viewers, this propaganda has been airing for decades, but never to the degree that we’ve seen since President Donald Trump took office. President Trump, like President John Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan, is not a NWO Communist. That is why the NWO Communists have used the Democrat Party to attack Trump relentlessly, with false accusation after false accusation, desperately trying to turn public opinion against Trump.

Every attempt has failed, however. The Kavanaugh Hoax, the Russian Collusion Hoax, the Ukraine Hoax and the Impeachment Hoax all completely failed to convince Americans of the CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC chant that “Orange Man bad”. Trump’s popularity has soared, in fact, as Americans watch the dishonest Democrat Party Communists’ failed attempts at smearing President Trump and failed attempt after failed attempt at assassinating President Trump’s character, just as they tried to do to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

President Trump, having renegotiated trade deals with China and Europe and Mexico, gave America and Americans a taste of the prosperity Americans used to enjoy before the string of NWO Communist presidents – Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama – did their best to, as Obama admitted “level the playing field” and “…make America like a Third World nation.” Trump undid all of the damage those NWO Communist presidents had done in just 3 short years. America’s economy was booming! Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American joblessness was at an all-time low and the Democrat Party Communists had no one who could challenge Trump in 2020. The Democrat Party Communists best were no match for Patriot President Donald Trump. That is when the hoaxes began, the expensive, time consuming and NWO Media dominating stories designed to destroy President Trump’s image… and they have all failed.

And then came chemical warfare. With atheist NWO population control vaccine advocate Bill Gates and CDC chairman Anthony Fauci leading the charge, America and many of the civilized first world nations were attacked by chemical warfare. It doesn’t take a genius to see who is behind this effort, as Democrat Party Communist Governors do their best to destroy America’s economy and stretch the shut down of small businesses out as long as they can.

It is time for “The Purge”, to rid the U.S. government of all Democrat Party Communists, once and for all, in one fell swoop this November. Many Americans look forward to the November 2020 elections because they cannot wait to vote out every Democrat Party Communist across the board.

The NWO Communists are trying to find a way to overcome the public distrust and disdain they’ve earned by lobbying for 16 year old’s to vote (failed effort) and now they are pushing for mail-in voting, because voter fraud is much harder to see when voting is done by mail.

American Patriots are demanding Voter ID, in order to put a stop to the Democrat Party Communists long-time Voter Fraud machine. We at are working feverishly behind the scenes to bring a national “Remember in November – It is time for The Purge” campaign. We hope you’ll help carry the message to your neighbors and families and community to vote a straight RED (Remove Every Democrat) ticket and help make “The Purge” as successful as Donald Trump’s economy before the NWO Democrat Communists shut America down.

We the People don’t have to put up with these Communists inside our government any longer. is also working to shut down the Mainstream Media monopoly owned by NWO Corporations who are hostile toward the USA as part of “The Purge”.  Sign up here and be a part of this incredibly Patriot effort to save our nation from these NWO Communists. The Purge will be successful, with or without your help, but we would love to have you onboard to make The Purge the last time we ever need to clean the Communists out of our U.S. government.


January 19, 2020 ~ Serving the military should be voluntary and the payoff should make it worth it to any young man interested enough to sign up. However, with a history since 1945 of solely corporate wars behind them, and not a single war justified by the true need to defend our country, why would any young man volunteer?

Serving the military should be voluntary and the payoff should make it worth it.  Granted, the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines turn boys into men, teach young men and women discipline and self-control. The benefits are life-changing. Whether a young person is taught to fly a plane, use communication technology or get a military education in a field they love, there needs to be a payoff – not just risking one’s life for Corporate America/Deep State interests. When the people support their nation’s war decisions and trust their government, they will volunteer. But when the People do not support their government’s war decisions or trust their government, they will not volunteer. That alone should force the government to make decisions that the people support. The government has taken that dynamic away by using the draft and stealing our children and grandchildren to go fight and die in the corporate wars for Big Business $$$.

Instead of sending our children and grandchildren to die for control of Afghanistan poppy fields or to protect Coca-Cola’s or GM’s facilities and staff, let the politicians who are being paid by the military contractors send their children into battle first, by example. Then the rest of us can consider whether or not we want our children to support their corporate wars, and our children and grandchildren can decide whether they wish to support corporate wars… or not.

It’s one thing when our country is attacked… and how many times has our mainland been attacked by invading armies? One time… but it’s something else entirely when they’re sending our children/grandchildren to Europe, to the Middle East and/or to Mexico or South America to fight for drugs and corporate dollars. Not my kids and not my grandkids.… Not anymore.

Let America’s leaders stop supporting Lockheed-Martin and the other tank and plane manufacturers by sending our children to die so they can sell and try out new guns and technology for military contractors, and let our leaders start being noble and honorable, and not waging war in nations who have not attacked the USA. Attack our embassy? We will make short work of that nation’s army. But short of an attack on American soil, America has no business killing people on foreign land.

America has the largest freestanding militia in the world, more than all other military’s on Earth combined… because We the People are the largest armed military on Earth. With nearly 400,000,000 guns in America, there are more guns than people in the United States of America, which explains the futility of the Deep State goal of disarming Americans. It’s not going to happen. America will have a 2nd Revolution before American Patriots ever willingly give up our guns. (*Deep State is the hidden, UN-paid traitors operating within our government in secret, paid by the world’s wealthiest elite to turn traitor on the USA with the goal of ruling the world via one world government dictatorship. Not a “conspiracy theory” like the Deep State Media portends -CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and MSNBC – but a bone-fide conspiracy and domestic terrorism against the United States of America)

America is peppered with organized militias, as well, led by and made up of many trained former military personnel who continue to train and train up volunteers so that their militia groups are ready when the Deep State/Democrat Party leaders try something truly stupid, like declare Martial Law. Despite the government-run fake news media’s concerted effort to use fear-based propaganda to fill viewers with fear, as the Media has for decades, Americans have never been safer than We the People are today.

More Americans have stopped allowing the Deep State Media to brainwash them by not tuning in to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or MSNBC anymore for the Media’s ongoing, 24/7 brainwashing broadcasts that have controlled the thinking of many Americans for years. The DSM (Deep State Media) has lied to We the People for decades about virtually everything related to world politics and American politics, presented Deep State mass murders as though they were “mentally ill gunmen”, rather than investigating these domestic terrorist attacks. So much fake news pours out of the Gang of Five Deep State Media today (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC) that Americans aren’t watching anymore. That has removed the Deep State’s most effective tool against We the People: brainwashing. Americans are waking up to what is truly going on in America now, and seeing that the Democrat Party has become an enemy of our nation which uses the Deep State Media as a weapon against Americans. The fake news false summation that ‘half of Americans are Liberals’ is another bold-faced lie; less than 10% of Americans identify as Liberals and nearly 80% of Americans are Conservatives, patriots who love our nation, love our President, love God and love our families. The DSM has tried to turn American viewers against the USA, using advanced brainwashing techniques, subliminal messaging and propaganda in their fake news broadcasts, Primetime television shows and even in commercials aired 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year. The DSM paints a completely dishonest picture of America and Americans, portraying us all as Liberals and homosexuals who believe the “Climate Change” hoax while trying to convince us that the majority of Americans want the USA to become a Socialist nation – all of which are LIES.

The truth is that America is alive and well today, still the most prosperous and powerful nation on Earth with the lowest minority unemployment rates in American history, and the highest employment rate, as well; America currently has more jobs than we have people. Unbelievably prosperous under President Donald J. Trump!  We the People are grateful for our Constitution and the vast majority of Americans are straight – heterosexual – and are not racist and have no problem with those who choose a homosexual lifestyle. The Media paints an opposite picture which is completely inaccurate and dishonest. Americans are tolerant of others who are different than we are; it is the Liberals and Democrats who tend to be racist and are both hateful and intolerant of Patriots, Christians, Jews, the US Constitution and America’s prosperity.

While California has truly become the model state for the Democrat Party’s plan for America, with public defecation now legal – which means people are allowed to take a crap and urinate on public sidewalks – and rampant mental illness, drug addiction and homelessness, not just encouraged, but promoted by the Democrat Party system of support in which homeless people are given enough taxpayer dollars each month to pay for their drugs and alcohol habits and given free medical care and free food stamps (often traded for more drugs) to keep them alive. There are currently more homeless people in California than in all of the other 49 states combined. California has devised a way to keep the homeless destitute and dependent upon government services to survive, which has been the Democrat Party’s goal and plan since President Wilson first set forth the Liberal Agenda via their 100 Year Plan.

Democrat Party leadership has proven to be detrimental to the USA and diametrically opposed to everything America represents: Liberty, faith, prosperity and abundance. No longer representing We the People, the Democrat Party now represents Globalists and Globalism, the UN-based plan for a one world government dictatorship. Clearly, Democrat Party leaders have been openly and actively staging a coup, attempting to overthrow the US Government, ever since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Funded by George Soros, the Bilderberg Group and many other corporate Globalists, the Democrat Party is using the Deep State Media as a weapon against viewers in order to manipulate public opinion (brainwash) and teach Americans that Socialism is good and that Capitalism is bad… another BIG LIE from the Globalist Democrat Party traitors to America.

Fortunately, most Americans have stopped watching fake news brainwashing shows and no longer sit obediently in front of their TV sets to be told what to think. We the People can see that the Democrat Party effort to overthrow the US government is not “American” or “patriotic” in any way, and that the Democrat Party leaders are clearly no longer working for We the People, but are now working for Globalists and the United Nations now, traitors to our nation.

If you don’t currently own a gun,  and strongly suggest that you consider becoming a gun owner now. Not only will you have a defense against the more brazen criminals who, encouraged by the Liberal/Democrat Party judges who are taking the penalties out of committing crimes, are entering America’s homes more frequently, even when homes are occupied, but gun ownership brings a sense of confidence and reminds us that “We are Americans, the most blessed population on Earth, and we have God-given Constitutional rights to protect ourselves and our families which no man, woman or government can take away”. How many mass shootings have been stopped by a citizen carrying a gun lately? It’s happening more frequently, as Americans exercise their right to bear arms and defend themselves against the domestic terrorist mentally ill criminal Anarchists that the Deep State government has turned loose on the streets of America with increased frequency.

Love God, love your family, love America, our Constitutional Republic and love yourself by defending and protecting yourself from the criminals, both in Congress and on the streets of your town or city, which Liberal judges are setting free to create mayhem in America. We don’t need government to protect Americans. We need our Constitutional rights to protect America from the sick Deep State, Democrat Party domestic terrorists who are now waging war against the United States of America. #RepublicanSWEEP2020 #TRUMP2020

January 6, 2020

JUNE 17, 2019

Patriot Central’s new Patriot/Traitor List…

Welcome to PATRIOT CENTRAL, the internet home of Pat Riot, American Patriot Journalist.

PATRIOT CENTRAL is in the process of putting together a PATRIOT vs. TRAITOR LIST to help Americans recognize who the Traitors are (long list) who sit in Congress and which Congressmen/women can be trusted (short list).

Since the Communist Party USA hijacked the Democrat Party, American politics has been rather confusing, as Communist Democrats pretend to be, and refer to themselves as “Patriots”, and continue to call our noble President Trump a “racist”. The truth is that those who call others “Racist” are the racists.

The Communist/Democrat Party is made up largely of Racists and terrorists who advocate and attempt to incite their constituents to violence, which is a federal crime, a felony. So where is the Justice Department while all these laws are being broken? They are busy doing what the New World Order/One World Government Cartel traitors tell them to do… nothing more and nothing less.

Communist Democrats have made an ongoing concerted effort to take over America’s Justice Department, with Liberal judges appointed throughout the U.S. Judicial system. Thank God President Trump is now replacing those Liberal Judges in a big way, and America’s Justice Department is quickly becoming predominantly Conservative, as Liberal judges are dying and being put in prison for their dubious crimes.

Liberal Communist Democrats have also made the effort to take over the public education system, in order to brainwash and indoctrinate America’s children. There is a nationwide movement by Conservatives, Christians, Jews and other independent American Patriots to take the education system back, restore God’s presence and re-establish America’s schools as healthy halls of teaching. Liberal teachers are finally being fired for indoctrinating their students into Liberalism Disorder-based teachings, rather than teach children good principles.

There is SO MUCH MORE to report but right now, we’ll leave it at that and we’ll follow up soon with the PATRIOT/TRAITOR LIST for you all to familiarize yourselves with. The truth will be known, and PATRIOT CENTRAL will be reporting what is true. No Fake News here on Patriot Central!

More coming…

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