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JUNE 17, 2019

Patriot Central’s new Patriot/Traitor List…

Welcome to PATRIOT CENTRAL, the internet home of Pat Riot, American Patriot Journalist.

PATRIOT CENTRAL is in the process of putting together a PATRIOT vs. TRAITOR LIST to help Americans recognize who the Traitors are (long list) who sit in Congress and which Congressmen/women can be trusted (short list).

Since the Communist Party USA hijacked the Democrat Party, American politics has been rather confusing, as Communist Democrats pretend to be, and refer to themselves as “Patriots”, and continue to call our noble President Trump a “racist”. The truth is that those who call others “Racist” are the racists.

The Communist/Democrat Party is made up largely of Racists and terrorists who advocate and attempt to incite their constituents to violence, which is a federal crime, a felony. So where is the Justice Department while all these laws are being broken? They are busy doing what the New World Order/One World Government Cartel traitors tell them to do… nothing more and nothing less.

Communist Democrats have made an ongoing concerted effort to take over America’s Justice Department, with Liberal judges appointed throughout the U.S. Judicial system. Thank God President Trump is now replacing those Liberal Judges in a big way, and America’s Justice Department is quickly becoming predominantly Conservative, as Liberal judges are dying and being put in prison for their dubious crimes.

Liberal Communist Democrats have also made the effort to take over the public education system, in order to brainwash and indoctrinate America’s children. There is a nationwide movement by Conservatives, Christians, Jews and other independent American Patriots to take the education system back, restore God’s presence and re-establish America’s schools as healthy halls of teaching. Liberal teachers are finally being fired for indoctrinating their students into Liberalism Disorder-based teachings, rather than teach children good principles.

There is SO MUCH MORE to report but right now, we’ll leave it at that and we’ll follow up soon with the PATRIOT/TRAITOR LIST for you all to familiarize yourselves with. The truth will be known, and PATRIOT CENTRAL will be reporting what is true. No Fake News here on Patriot Central!

More coming…