Pat Riot

Welcome to the home of PAT RIOT & AMERICAN NATION, our brand new Patriot band here at American Nation! We hope you enjoy our first single called “EFF THOSE EFFING PEOPLE” (click “Buy Now” button below)  We’re also working our first album entitled “PAT RIOT & AMERICAN NATION”. We are aiming for a Fall 2021 release, but our first single is being released this month – June of 2021.

We recorded this new song called “Eff Those Effing People” out of pure passion for the USA and we consider it the mantra of all patriotic Americans. We even had to put together a new band in order to record this song! We’ve been busy at American Nation!

We have poured our passion and our outrage into this song “EFF THOSE EFFING PEOPLE (Forget Those Freaking People)”, and we believe it reflects the anger, frustration and angst being felt by all good Americans since the NWO Communist Democrats began attacking our President, Donald J Trump, in 2016.

Until this war is over, this is our cry: Eff those effing people!


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