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The New World Order is NOT a “conspiracy theory”, as anyone who is paying attention can confirm. Wealthy NWO Bankers/Globalists (Bilderberg Group, Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, Bill Gates, et al) are trying to take down all sovereign nations in order to create a “New World Order”, as George Bush Sr. and every President after him have openly and publicly confirmed. Bilderberg Group leader David Rockefeller bragged about the “New World Order” plan, often. It’s the NWO Bankers’ Plan for a global dictatorship and global Communism, which (surprise) they plan to be the Dictators.

The details of this NWO plan are found in a United Nations publication which was published in 1992 called “Agenda 21”. The details are clear and concise, yet because (a) few TV viewers have read “UN Agenda 21”, (b) typical TV viewers still trust the NWO Media and (c) viewers have been told by media talking heads thousands of times that it is a “conspiracy theory”, and after hearing that phrase so many times, otherwise intelligent people actually believe that it’s just a “conspiracy theory”.

It’s not. The “New World Order” (NWO) is a plan made public and then hidden in plain sight for all to see, but few people are looking at it.

It is ugly, it is Communist and it is unfolding rapidly, as it has for the past 30 years, in states like California (Sonoma County is an A21 county) and New York, yet people are ignorant of this plan being implemented and so have no idea that A21 is hostile toward the United States of America and hostile to all sovereign nations. They want a “One World Government”, which is nice way to say “Global Dictatorship”, and God, the USA and our American Spirit are the only things standing in their way.  More coming…


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