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September 14, 2019

Transgender Confusion

Democrat Party Gun Control Fraud

About the Democrat Party’s ongoing effort to disarm you and me: Have you asked yourself why gun control is so important to Democrats?

Answer: It’s not. It’s because guns are important to you, because you have an emotional response where guns are concerned, and because you are easier to manipulate when you’re emotional – that’s why Democrats are using the Mainstream Media to focus on guns and attempt to convince Americans to give up their guns. The folks who run the Democrat Party, including the entire Communist Party USA, who, in 1978, officially merged with and instructed their membership to “Register Democrat now – their platform is so close to ours”, are taking orders from people who are on a mission to take over the world and create a “one world government” dictatorship. They have to take our guns in order to get the USA to comply, to abandon our sovereign nation status and allow these NWO Cartel Communists to create a worldwide dictatorship… and if you don’t believe that, then you’re one of the “Useful Idiots” (they call you that) who they are manipulating through fake news sites (CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and FOX) propaganda. They aren’t interested in your safety, you foolish sheeple; they are interested in disarming us all so they can create the worldwide dictatorship they’ve been working towards for 100 years (President Wilson and his Communist/Liberal cohorts created a 100 year Plan which, by the way, is behind schedule because (why again?) the USA won’t give up our guns and let them take away our borders).

Let’s take a closer look at that “safety” which they pretend to have for you, that they care SO MUCH about you that ‘they want to protect you from yourself’:


Alcohol doesn’t kill people. Cars don’t kill people. Knives don’t kill people. Poison doesn’t kill people. Guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE kill people.  People drinking alcohol, and people driving cars and people shooting guns and people stabbing with knives and people intentionally dosing people with poison – it’s the people who kill people.

Are we going to ban people? Are we going to ban cars? Are we going to ban alcohol? Are we going to ban knives or ban poison and are we going to ban the real culprits and ban people? No? So why does the Democrat Party want to ban GUNS so badly? If they’re not banning cars or alcohol or knives or poison or people, why do they want to ban guns so badly?

Answer: Because we can defend ourselves with guns.

They don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves because of the plans they have for us. Ray Charles could see that… if he wasn’t watching CNN every day like the brainwashed people are, I mean. INANIMATE OBJECTS DON’T KILL PEOPLE. People kill people. Someone please tell the brainwashed CNN Watchers this. Sheesh. Sadly, they’ll read this while they’re getting another nightly dose of brainwashing, and then face their CNN Zombie faces right back to the screen for more CNN brainwashing.

CNN (and MSNBC, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS – ALL Fake News shows) – should lose their FCC licensing for “abuse of public trust” and “intentionally misinforming the public” and “inciting a riot”. Now, I mean.

And where is the FCC to protect us from these NWO one world government dictatorship predators?! We HAVE NO PROTECTION except for our guns and our GOD and our American unity.

Next: Anti-American Activity by the Democrat Party 


Left wing ideology is not, in and of itself, necessarily evil or even bad. It is born from a noble place, and then, when we are left to our own devices it becomes something else altogether.

The same can be said of Right wing ideology. It is not necessarily evil or even bad. It is born from a noble place, and then, when we are left to our own devices it becomes something else altogether.

Both sides of the spectrum, to a great degree, want to help people. The notion is a noble one, and its pursuit is commendable, on both sides of the fence. The problem is not that one side or the other is right or wrong. The problem is that on both sides of the fence we find extremists, literalists and control freaks. They tend to muddy the water and erect the wall that divides us so deeply we cannot see the other’s point of view.

While there are people of faith on both the Left and the Right, those people are not necessarily the shot callers in charge of walking this thing out. True people of faith tend to be humble and quieter than their extreme and more self-reliant peers.


Conspiracy Theorists (CTs) have long ago been painted quite effectively with the “Lunatic” brush. The reason for that is two-fold. One reason is because when things aren’t adding up in a given arena, people tend to get excited, rather than patient. They start doing the math themselves rather than taking the time to do the research in order to discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because CTs become excited, they oftentimes take what little they know and couple it with what they believe might also be true and present their ideas to the rest of us, fully expecting us to get it. But because what they’ve presented is only partially true, the rest of us tend to dismiss all of it, for fear of appearing as they (the CTs) do: wacky, unstable, and/or crazy.

The other reason CTs get painted with the “Lunatic” brush has nothing to do with the CTs themselves. It has everything to do with what is actually going on and just might be that the people who are involved in real conspiracies also own the media which regularly dismisses CTs as “lunatics”.

That’s right: I said the other reason the mainstream media dismisses conspiracy theories is because the mainstream media is owned by those who are involved in those conspiracies. Call me a CT, I don’t care. The truth is the truth and for those who would prefer to remain blind, you’ve probably already stopped reading.

That anyone would imagine that the most powerful nation on the planet, the greatest wealthiest nation in the history of Mankind wouldn’t be the target for bad, greedy and selfish people, to you I salute you and support your choice to remain ignorant. To those who wish to rule the world, America is the plum on this planet. This is America, after all, and if you think the richest, greediest people in the world aren’t fighting over who will control and run this richest and most powerful nation in the world, then I invite you to put your head back in the sand and go back to sleep.

For the rest of us, who have admittedly been asleep ourselves or at least dozing at the TV for the past 40 years, it’s clear that when the Berlin Wall came down and the USSR dissolved, the Communists did not go back to what they were doing. They came here. That’s correct, the Communists came to America through our open borders and easy undocumented entry like illegal aliens still come across our borders today.


The Communist Party has always had the freedom to exist here in America. It wasn’t always common knowledge, as Senator McCarthy discovered, but they’ve always been here, working away, patiently coming alongside Democrats as they tried to sell their brand of ‘helping people’. Americans, naïve and arrogant, apathetic and idealistic, have pretended not to see them, preferring not to know in order to avoid having to confront or deal with them. Or perhaps we’ve simply been too self-obsessed to notice.

In 1988, however, the Communist Party in America instructed their members from “1988 to present: Voters urged to support the Democratic Party”. (See top chart here for “Communist Party USA”). I doubt that many Americans know this, because Americans are not big on paying attention to what is really important. Hairstyles, slogans, TV shows and pop music? Americans are hip to it all. Who they are really casting their votes for on Election Day? Not that important, apparently.

So what do you know? It’s not just a conspiracy theory at all. It’s true: Communists have been active in the Democrat Party for decades, like Obama’s short-lived, recently ousted, self-declared Communist ‘Green Jobs Czar’ Van Jones. But Jones isn’t the only admitted Communist President Obama has appointed to serve in his administration. There are others, as well as racists and wackos who serve in Obama’s administration, including John Holdren, a certifiable nut case who advocates compulsory abortion for women (that means forced abortions) and forced global population control (that means killing people randomly just because he believes there are too many people).

While I agree that it certainly appeared that we needed some “change” after George Bush raped and pillaged the USA and gave his buddies the first $700 billion bailout, it also appears, in hindsight, that George Bush might merely have been a set-up to launch this radical ultra-leftist Obama onto America without telling any of us what he was really about, because as it turns out Obama is just like Bush only worse! Change? Yes. It certainly appeared that it was needed. But appointing Communists to serve in his administration? I think it says volumes about who this unknown Jr. Senator from Illinois really is. To my knowledge, Obama is the only president to appoint Communists to his administration. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.

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