New Continental Army

December 17, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~

100 million brave American Patriots make up the largest freestanding volunteer army on Earth. We’re calling this freestanding, all-volunteer army the “New Continental Army”. The original Continental Army secured America’s freedom and established this new nation after defeating the British during America’s Revolutionary War, disbanding after the war was won.

Clearly, today America is at war with an enemy who is attacking us all from within. Our nation has never fought such an enemy before, because never in our nation’s history have American men turned Traitor against this, their own country, largely because such men have always been hung from the gallows when discovered.

Nonetheless, here we are, and an entire political party (Democrats) and members of the other of our nation’s largest political parties (Republicans) have become Turncoats and are involved in the greatest betrayal our beloved Republic has ever experienced… ever.

With 25-50% of stores’ shelves empty right now, the Biden Insurrectionists (BI) have now begun to hold our food hostage, like Stalin did in the 1930’s. Grocery store shelves are emptying out like never before in our lifetime. They’ve begun poisoning our children and have decimated the populations of our elderly, our parents and our grandparents who are in care homes.

Furthermore, what used to be trusted news sources that we called “the Mainstream Media” are now broadcasting nothing but propaganda, filling the airwaves with fear-mongering propaganda, lies, and unbelievable  stories that make no sense – because they aren’t true – stories designed to support the false narratives this fake media is telling in order to manipulate public opinion and keep the most gullible of us afraid and compliant, and on the BI’s side.

Then there are our hospitals, formerly completely trustworthy, valued and appreciated, which are now nearly all seriously compromised by the enemy’s almost complete control of the hospital boards who make decisions and set policy which all employed doctors and nurses must follow. These policies include the mandatory protocols set by National Institute of Health Services (NIHS) Director Anthony Fauci, which includes administering the drug Rendesivir, known to have killed more than 54% of Ebola patients and staff in Africa in 2018-2019.

These murders are being committed on inpatient Covid patients using a drug which they know killed the majority of those who took it during the Ebola outbreakRendesivir, it is believed, is what is actually killing patients in our formerly trusted hospitals, not the Coronavirus. Knowing Rendesivir’s deadly outcomes in Africa, and making this drug mandatory for all hospitals, is tantamount to murder.

While India, Japan and China have all declared the purported “pandemic” (aka PLANNEDemic) “over”, after using Ivermectin and Hydroxychloraquine nationwide to heal Covid patients and protect their citizens from coronavirus infections, the Biden Insurrectionists have banned the use of both medications for Covid patients in America, despite President Trump successfully modeling the use of Hydroxychloroquine when he became infected with Covid coronavirus. Trump recovered in a reported 4 days.

The banning of both Ivermectine and Hydroxychloraquine, when knowing both inexpensive, plentiful medications are effective and work to save lives, is murder, in the minds of any thinking Americans.

But war is Hell, so they say, and this is clearly war. Our nation has never lost a war, and we surely will not lose this war. We’ve only begun to fight, and in the opinions of hundreds of millions of Americans, it is time we fight back.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This war is no exception to that declaration.

Welcome to the New Continental Army, my fellow Patriot Americans. No application needed, no physicals and no rules, other than God’s Law and what God puts on your hearts to protect yourself, protect your families and protect your communities, in order to protect this nation. 100 million strong – that is the number of soldiers in this New Continental Army – all well-armed and passionate about protecting our beloved nation for ourselves, for our families, our children, our grandchildren and for our posterity.

The war is on. Hundreds of millions of shots have been fired. It’s time We the People respond. While the original Continental Army disbanded after securing our nation’s sovereignty after winning the Revolutionary War with England, it’s time for the New Continental Army to stand together again, and ready itself to fight this enemy, the enemy within.

Live free or die, my fellow Americans. The entire world is depending on us to protect this Melting Pot of the World, this incredible Land of Opportunity, where Freedom rings and Liberty is rooted deeply within our nation’s collective Soul.

Welcome to you all, you faithful soldiers. From sea to shining sea, we are all grateful for you all, America’s proud New Continental Army.

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