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Bull$#!+ Democrat Lie of the Day:

Nancy Pelosi claiming this morning that “I was raised Catholic” and “…with a lot of love in my heart…” is her answer to citizen question “Do you hate the President?” (The correct answer, btw, was “Yes, I hate President Trump.” We all see it, as clear as day.)

First of all, how you were “raised” Nancy has nothing to do with how you are today – you are a clearly a Hater, a Democrat Party Hater, and we all see that.

Secondly, you are a pathological liar, and We the People all see that about you, as well.

Click for video of Nancy Pelosi trying to justify her hatred of President Trump.

There is nothing “Catholic” about how you conduct yourself today, Nancy. Hating President Trump, openly obsessed with your hatred for Donald Trump, is not “Catholic” in anyone’s book. Hate is Satan’s way and it is Satanic, the way you conduct yourself in the public eye. It is clear that you hate President Trump and it is clear that you hate America. It is clear that you work for the anti-American Deep State Cartel and it is clear you are advocating for the United Nations One World Government Dictatorship, and it’s equally clear that you are not advocating for America or for Americans. Your constituents are simply “Useful idiots” to you and National Times editors believe that if it weren’t for Democrat Party voter fraud, you wouldn’t even be in office.

So much for “…with a lot of love in my heart…” Maybe you were raised “with a lot of love in my heart”, but that was then, and this hateful anti-American Nancy Pelosi is now.

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