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How to Disconnect

June 14, 2021 – Pat Riot, Publisher of ~ Be excited. Be very excited. We are about to tell you how to disconnect from this intrusive, stalking, data gathering NWO Globalist system who tracks your every move, eavesdrops on every call, text and online conversation you ever have,  follows you everywhere you go and records your every word, controls your food supply and virtually every service which the First World uses, so that your life can return to peace and normalcy.

Oh, and these NWO Globalists are planning on crashing the grid in order to initiate a digital currency in which they connect YOUR BANK and YOUR MONEY to services like food shopping, doctor visits, gasoline, and they intend to continue to monitor your every word online and on your phone, and when they don’t approve of what you think or say or do, they will deny you access to YOUR MONEY, to food, to police services and/or medical services. That’s correct – not a “conspiracy theory” but definitely a conspiracy against us all.

The Federal Reserve (NWO-owned bank) have printed so much money (you probably wondered why they were doing that so irresponsibly) that the US Dollar is literally no longer worth the paper it’s printed on, and they have done so on purpose, in order to crash the economy and the entire global electrical grid, and then restore it in a week or two, after YOU have been terrorized by the massive blackout, with their digital currency system in place.

We, however, can disconnect from the NWO system before that happens, but we must act soon. It’ll be fun. It’ll be fun to disconnect from these bullies and global terrorists and take our power back!

Eff that intrusive, privacy-violating BS. You and I are about to put a stop to this nonsense. We are going to tell you “How To Disconnect” from their banks, from their sick “entertainment”, from their privacy-violating stalking system and how to truly restore some peace in your life.

Make no mistake – these NWO Communists (Globalists) and their Socialist Media (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and YouTube) are censoring and silencing us, not Trump. Trump just believes what WE believe, that We the People have God-given rights, that America is great and that the USA is the last bastion of Freedom in the world. We believe that the entire NWO Globalist system needs to be ABANDONED – all of it.

No more Starbucks, Google, Apple, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, no more mainstream Media or Hollywood movies or the sick and Racist TV shows and commercials that come with them.

20 years ago, we didn’t rely on any of it, don’t forget. Abandon it all, including the globalist BANKS. Sounds like ‘it’s not doable’? You would be wrong about that. It is totally doable and now it is necessary to disconnect completely from these anti-American, Racist NWO Communists, who now own virtually every globalist corporation on Earth, if you want peace and security in your life for yourself and your children and grandchildren.

Forget these freaking privacy violating, stalking, tracking, intrusive corporations. Cancel them by abandoning them. Let’s ALL do it. Let them survive on the less-than  15% of LIBERAL Americans. It will END their businesses… and it will be FUN to take our power back! Let’s start with Facebook, who is tracking every app and program in your phone now.

END FACEBOOK STALKING: You probably didn’t realize that Facebook is not just stalking you within their app and website, Facebook is monitoring your every word, every click and every password on every app in your phone! Facebook is stalking your GPS, your activity on Google, on Microsoft Word, on every game you play, every website and every single app you own and every move you make on your phone and PC. Not only that, you have given them permission when you agreed to their terms of service (that you didn’t read)! I didn’t realize or read it either, and now I’ve disconnected all Facebook stalking.

Here is how you put an END to Facebook Stalking: click here for simple, easy to follow photo instructions to STOP Facebook from stalking you on EVERY APP on your phone and PC: END FACEBOOK STALKING (Click here for easy to follow 5 step image directions to stop Facebook from following EVERY APP ON YOUR PHONE.)

NEXT: How to disconnect COMPLETELY from these Globalist Stalkers.

(More coming…)

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