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FactCheckr.org is the newest addition to the AmericanNation.net suite of Patriot websites, bringing truth and factual information to America. Many Americans have no idea what is really going on inside of governments worldwide, including the US Government – the Deep State Communists inside our government, the secret effort to take down the US Government and dissolve the sovereign nation status of the United States of America, the use and abuse of the Mainstream Media as a propaganda tool and a weapon against unsuspecting American television viewers in order to brainwash and misinform as many Americans as possible or the concerted effort by the world’s wealthy elite called “The Bilderberg Group” led by the Rothschild family, the Rockefellers, the Bush family and others determined to overthrow all world nations in their effort to create the “One World Government” dictatorship that the United Nations (UN) proclaims in their published “Agenda 21” plan. That plan is already being implemented as hundreds of millions of people are being poisoned by chemicals being released in our atmosphere which include Aluminum and flouride, both toxic and poisonous to Human Beings. We are being poisoned right now.

Many Americans trust the completely untrustworthy Mainstream Media and have no idea that the Deep State plans to eliminate 95% of the Human population by the year 2030 or that everything they see unfolding by the Democrat Party is aiming at that goal, as well. Many Americans don’t realized that wealthy Communists (who call themselves “Globalists”) have already duped many world leaders into signing onto the implementation of Agenda 21 now, all in the name of “Sustainability”, the green hoax that this evil, misguided group of individuals uses in order to get their plan in place.

FactCheckr.org will be providing the facts about these evil people whose goal is not Life or good, but whose goal is mass death and evil against the innocent people of Earth, and Fact Checkr will also provide you with solutions to all of this, and a way that We the People can rally together to save our nation and the entire world from this evil effort. Fact Checkr will also provide a detailed list of preventative measures and plans to create entirely new industries which will save our planet from the industrial pollution and greedy corporations which are really our greatest threats.

Check back soon. We will be in touch…

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