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Democrat Party Communists?

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We all see it. It’s unbelievably unprofessional and frankly, never before seen in my lifetime. I’m talking, of course, about the Democrat Party’s behavior, both in public and in private. Democrat Party leadership and membership alike appear to have a collective mental illness which has rendered them incapable of accepting Reality, turned them into rage-aholic lunatics and have caused them to act out in reprehensible ways which lack moral dignity, ethics, any semblance of acceptable standards and professional integrity.

So which is it? Have they collectively lost their minds, these Democrats? Are they, indeed, as many Americans suggest, suddenly given over to Satan? Is it mental illness, manifested in the whole group, called “Liberalism Disorder” and “Trump Derangement Syndrome”?

If so, then mental health intervention is called for. That comes with so many “and’s” that it’s a career for the people who might deal with this. It means they must all step down from leadership. It means replacing every Democrat Party Congressman and Democrat Party leader, every Democrat Party intern who helps, every Democrat Party member caught up in the collective madness – they all need to be removed and replaced before someone else gets hurt.

Already, the toll has been great on many people. President Donald Trump has taken the brunt of all this hostility and unbridled hatred, but his staff, his family, the Judges he has appointed, their families, every Conservative in America who has come close enough to any of these Democrats to take their abuse and hostility up close in the work place, in the community, in schools, etc. have all seen demonic forces at play and watched hatred, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the Democrat Party’s Ku Klux Klan heyday and have had to be careful about where they wear their red hats lest some Democrat Party loonie assault them in public.

If it’s not collective mental illness, then why would a major American political party suddenly begin acting as if they are mentally ill, and act so incredibly unprofessionally in such unprecedented ways? What could possibly have caused an American political party to suddenly act in ways that can only be described as “anti-American” and appear to be trying to take down the U.S. Government and the sitting President of the United States?

Anyone have any suggestions or answers to all of this hostility and hatred? Well, I do. I want you to think about what I’m about to tell you, and really consider what I’m about to say to you:

First, let me remind you that in 1978, the candidate for the Communist Party USA instructed all CPUSA members to re-register to vote as “Democrat Party” members, because, as he pointed out, the Democrat Party and the Communist Party USA “had such similar values and an almost identical platform”.  And that’s what CPUSA members did that year: They joined the Democrat Party. Did the Media make a big deal out of it? Nope. And why not? Isn’t is obvious? The Mainstream Media is owned by the same people who bankroll the Democrat Party and the MSM is working with the Democrat Party in their partnered effort to take down the sitting President of the United States. The Media has been working with the Democrat Party Communists and radical Left-wing Extremists for decades now.

So let’s think about the Democrat Party’s behavior for the past 3 years: hateful, anti-American, and clearly driven to take out the U.S. Government and our President of the United States.

Remember the Cold War? What were the Communists doing back then? Do you even remember? They were trying to take out the U.S. Government and take down/assassinate the President of the United States.

Are you seeing the connection here yet? I am.

More coming soon…

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