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January 4, 2020 ~ President Donald Trump continues to systematically root out and expose Deep State operatives like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat Party Traitor team. The Deep State is blowing up in their faces and there is nothing they can do about it except continue to try to destroy President Trump using fake accusations and the Deep State Media as a weapon against America.

This effort is not just about taking President Trump down. This effort by Deep State Traitors is about protecting themselves from having to answer for the crimes against America they’ve all committed. Funded by Bilderberg wealthy elite bankers, the traitors in the Democrat Party are about to go to prison for their betrayal of our nation, and Americans couldn’t be happier. President Donald Trump is keeping his promise to “drain the Swamp” and the Swamp RATS are running scared, throwing everything at Trump including the kitchen sink.

Our prayers are with our good President as he systematically exposes and dismantles the Deep State Traitors within the US Government, which includes the entire Democrat Party, NSA, CIA and FBI high-level officials and the American Mainstream Media – the Deep State Media – along with the Clintons, the Obamas and George Soros and the Bilderberg Group, who have all turned traitor against America.  We at pray and support President Trump’s effort to clean up the US Government, and we pray for his survival and success at investigating, charging, prosecuting and sentencing these traitors to the appropriate punishment for Treason: death.

November 16, 2019 ~ The “Deep State”, aka the Bilderberg Group, the Democrat Party (RATS) and the United Nations (UN), have more money than intelligence, it seems. With their obvious boredom with owning businesses and property and ‘stuff’ and their lust for power, their plan is to create a one world government dictatorship in which they are the dictators.

if you ever wondered why the Democrat party is attacking the US president with such fervor and obsession, it’s because the Deep State has now incorporated America’s Mainstream Media into it’s arsenal of weapons, and the UN 100 Year Plan for world domination is up this year. They want this one world government dictatorship, and they want it now! The only thing standing between the Deep State and their one world government dictatorship plan is America’s Patriots – you and I, my fellow Americans – who are not ready or willing to give up our guns, under any terms or conditions… period. will be focusing on uncovering the insidiousness of the takeover, and the weaponization by the Deep State of America’s Mainstream Media: CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and NBC, who are all Deep State members and participants now, truly Traitors to America and enemies of our nation. Their intention is to take down our Constitutional Republic and replace it with Communism, which is the basis for the one world government dictatorship plan.

Fortunately, Republican Congressman and women have not been willing to comply with the Deep State demands and plans for the takeover of the United States of America. Hence, we have had ongoing false accusations against the US President and an ongoing fake news effort to impeach the innocent President Trump, ever since Trump defeated Clinton in 2016.

Had Clinton and the Deep State’s effort been successful, using mass, nationwide voter fraud to secure the election for Clinton and the Deep State, America would be well on our way to the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic and the imposition of socialism/communism on We the People and in the US government.

More coming…

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