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Cutting to the Chase

CHASE BANK SHOWS US THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM (WOKE) ~ Chase Bank just showed us that they are a Deep State Central Banker NWO Communist-associated bank by donating billions to push the fake “Climate Change” fraud scam. So I’ll be moving my loan from Chase to a local independent Trust bank, and gladly so.

I refuse to do business with the Globalist Corporations who are owned by the same Central Banker Terrorists who have defrauded the world with their ridiculous “Climate Change” scam and have terrorized the world with the fake Covid Scam, the mRNA Bioweapon fraud, assassinated Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, shot Reagan, started WWI, WWII, the Vietnam and Korean wars, Iraq, Afghanistan wars and are currently involved in destroying the US economy by creating the Second Great Depression here as they close their Monopoly of businesses to put Americans out of work and make food and supplies unattainable. The Central Bank Cartel is behind all of this, and they are preparing to start WWIII.

F THOSE F-ING PEOPLE ~ We believe that part of the solution to this sustained attack on America & Americans is to stop shopping at Globalist-owned stores like Walmart, Lowes, Safeway, and don’t do business with B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo or any of their other megalopoly of the Globalist Cartel’s corporations. They’re in the process of closing all of their corporations anyway, shutting their companies down in order to create and force Americans into the Second Great Depression in America and worldwide. Budweiser, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond – all targeted to be shut down, while blaming “Wokism”, but it’s not “Wokism – it’s their plan in order to destroy America’s economy. Let’s help get it over with by starting right now to support local businesses before our food and fuel and supplies are cut off by these Central Banker Terrorists.

The Central Bankers, including the Rothschild, Rockefeller families and their associates, are the families who started the Civil War. It was not Lincoln, who started the Civil War, it was the Bankers, in their effort to KEEP Blacks as Slaves. The Bankers owned massive Cotton and Tobacco plantations and they brought the Black “Negroes” to America, to use Blacks and Black children as FREE LABOR. Ironically, the Bankers have used their propaganda television shows to con Blacks into continuing to support them, despite the fact that they were the ones who kept Blacks as Slaves, and who fought a war to KEEP Blacks as their Slaves.

The Central Bankers have now enslaved us ALL into their “System” of 40 hour work weeks, as they have been raising interest rates and prices so Mom has had to go to work too in order to make ends meet, essentially tearing apart the American family and forcing parents to let the government schools raise our kids. The head of the snake is that primary Terrorist Central Banker family.

We know who our enemies are now. Once you identify the enemy, the next steps toward winning a war are to isolate and then eliminate the enemy from positions in which they can harm you.

Eliminating the enemy’s system is a primary goal for We the People right now. Not just eliminating our infiltrated, completely compromised U.S. Government and every agency therein, but every Central Banker/BlackRock/Vanguard-owned corporation who does business in America, every Legacy News outlet and affiliate, every major grocery store chain, entertainment production agency, every global nonprofit corporation in which BlackRock, Vanguard or the Rothschilds are primary investors. We recommend that we all stop doing business with all of them – immediately. 

RETURNING TO AMERICA ~ Life in America is about to get very different all of a sudden, and we suggest we get ahead of the curve. That is, the Bankers are in the process of destroying their own corporations right before our eyes, in their effort to cause mass unemployment, destroy the American economy and force America into the Second Great Depression (SGD). It’s already begun, and we’re confident there is nothing We the People can do to stop it now, but what we can do is get ahead of the curve, and help these Terrorists shut down their businesses, by not doing business with them.

Like we said, let us begin our national recovery immediately, doing everything we will need to do AFTER the Bankers have decimated our nation financially. We’ll likely all be relatively poor, relying on bartering and charity for food and clothing, and struggling, and surely desperately connecting to friends and neighbors and small businesses in our own respective communities in order to survive, so let’s get started.

We can begin rebuilding now, before our nation is crushed under the weight of these Central Bankers vast monopoly’s mass suicide. We can begin identifying local businesses, connecting and doing business with local Farmers, Ranchers, Butchers and Grocers, laying the groundwork for our future, moving forward now, and not after the demolition is over.

The first Great Depression lasted 19 years. We see no reason why this inevitable Second Great Depression might be any shorter than the first, considering the same Banker families are using the same tactics on the same people (Americans) they destroyed in 1929. We see what they did in 1929, how they did it, and we see them doing the same exact things, right now, to destroy this nation a second time. We know what’s coming.

Bring it on, Pedophile Bankers. We see you, we’re ready and we are prayed up, armed up and ready to stand up and fight when you send in your violent BLM/Antifa Clowns and the 12 million Muslim Terrorists you just brought in across our Southern border. Just know, that while Americans are defending ourselves, we’ll be focused on cutting off the Head of the Snake, as well.

This war will not be a long war, for We the People are Americans, don’t forget. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us… and we will. Philippians 4:13

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