CONSPIRACY 101 will be identifying many of the anti-American conspiracies that are at work inside of our government, actively trying to overthrow the US government right now.. There is nothing “theoretical“ about the conspiracies being waged against the USA right now which are designed to overthrow the President of the United States and overthrow the United States of America’s legitimate elected government. These are not “conspiracy theories” – these are bona-fide conspiracies being waged against the United States of America, in which Democrat Party leaders are involved as well as other operatives within Congress who are being paid to convince YOU that “Socialism” is good and that a “one world government” is a good idea, full of butterflies and flowers and peace… which is all bull$#!+! This is an attempt to take over the USA. Period.

Communists and the New World Order Cartel (the United Nations) continue to try to take down the American government in order to dissolve America’s sovereign nation status and make the USA part of the UN plan for a one world government dictatorship. We will talk explicitly about what these conspiracies are, and who is involved in waging war against the United States of America right now.

The Democrat Party has revealed itself as anti-American, dishonest, hostile and hateful and the Democrats are determined to take down President Donald Trump by any means possible. American Patriots stand alongside our good president and will fight to the death against any enemy who comes against President Trump and the United States of America.

May God bless American President Donald Trump and may God bless America.

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