Americans need to wake up to the fact that New World Order (NWO) anti-American Globalist/Communists and Democrat Party traitors are making a push right now to take over the United States of America. With NWO Communists and Democrat Party traitors in key positions within the US and State governments (CDC, IHSS, FBI, NY/CA/Michigan Governors, Chicago,/NewYork City/San Poopcisco Mayors, Sonoma/LA/SF County Health Officers – the list is long), the once-booming economy of President Donald Trump is being systematically and intentionally destroyed by NWO/Democrat Party Governors.

Republican Governors who respect America’s Constitution are opening businesses back up after the NWO World Health Organization and NWO population control advocate Anthony Fauci (IHSS Director) began their assault on Trump’s economy, the most prosperous American economy in American history. Shutting down small businesses across America, leaving NWO Corporations (Target, Home Depot, WalMart, Lowe’s, NWO Globalist grocery store chains) open for business every day, We the People are witnessing not only the intentional economic devastation of our nation, but the biggest transfer of wealth from Americans pockets to the NWO Globalist/Communists pockets, while only NWO Globalist/Communist Corporations are doing business in our nation.

America is being destroyed from the inside, by NWO Communist-affiliated Democrat Party agents within the US Government. Desperate Democrats knew they couldn’t beat Trump at the ballot box, and all of their false accusations and hoaxes attacking President Trump had already failed. The false accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, false accusations of “Russian Collusion” and the Ukraine false accusations by the NWO Communist Democrat Party all failed miserably, despite Democrats utilizing the NWO Communist-owned “Fake News” agencies (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC) for 24/7 attacks on President Trump in their effort to convince you, the viewers, that “Orange Man bad”.

Even with this fake news Mainstream Media blitz and the sustained, ongoing effort and false accusations by NWO-owned fake news agencies for the past 3 years, NWO Communist Democrats have failed to make their slander and false accusations against President Trump stick. NWO Communist/Democrat Party efforts to take down President Trump have failed again.

We the People see what is happening right now and patriotic Americans are planning to create the greatest landslide in American history as we re-elect President Donald Trump in November and remove every desperate anti-American Democrat on every ballot across our land during the 2020 elections.


Common sense and reason – not what you’ll find much of nowadays, we’re told, but just as valuable as it’s ever been. Truly, one could make a case for “Common sense isn’t all that common anymore”, which we’ve all said or heard a time or two before, but the truth is “Common sense” really is very common today.

Oh, common sense is certainly not common among the confused communities, such as pedophiles, drug addicts, politicians, homosexuals and the largely godless and morally degenerate individuals who do most of the writing of Hollywood scripts for movies and television, who create advertisements we see 10 or 20 times per week if we’re watching TV. And “common sense” nor “reason” are definitely not common among the media hosts or politicians, the Hollywood producers and actors who like to fancy themselves as “elites” who look down their noses at the rest of us while they get rich off of their role in the NWO game of “Fake News” and taxpayer dollars.  And because these media hosts and Hollywood producers, story-writers and actors have done their best to define our culture, much of what we say and how we say it comes from these extreme radical Liberal Democrat-Communist Party people and their degenerate minds, and many Americans did not realize this.

New Patriot website from publisher Pat Riot

For example, the term “Common sense isn’t all that common anymore” really defines them, not us. That expression defines the Hollywood producers and actors, pedophiles, homosexuals, drug addicts, sex traffickers, people whose lives are completely devoid of any honesty, morals or ethics. They made that expression part of our cultural vernacular because they believe it’s true. And it is true – for them… but not for the rest of us.

Most Americans are nothing like the foul-mouth, sleazy, sexually degenerate liars and manipulators whose characterizations are common to prime time television shows and movies, where a laugh track applauds liars and makes fun of those who live principled lives, and who have tirelessly tried to make “G** d*** it” a part of casual conversation by using that derogatory blasphemous term in virtually EVERY episode of EVERY Hollywood TV/film production since the early 1980’s. Those kinds of degenerate people with depraved minds make the movies and tv shows we watch. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is rife throughout Hollywood, the homosexual community and the wealthy self-described “elite” (wealthy, politicians, judges, attorneys et al) in America. They are so self-obsessed and self-centered, so incredibly maniacal that they’ve lost sight of the fact that the rest of us are nothing like them… and in doing so, they’ve spent decades now, inadvertently showing us exactly who they are and doing their best to model their degenerate behavior using characters on television shows and movies – not aware that they’ve really been showing us what disgusting examples of Human Beings they really are. is going to talk frankly about many of the more obvious issues within our culture, and we’re going take a close and objective look at how our culture has become so corrupted and foul, particularly in the past 50 years. We do not judge those who choose lifestyles different than ours and support your opportunity to live life any way you choose, provided you don’t victimize anyone in the process. We will not be politically correct in the way we discuss this important subject, nor will we pull any punches along the way. We will talk candidly and openly and say things all normal Americans are thinking and we will not back down. It’s not a natural degeneration, my fellow Americans, this downward slide down the slippery slope of feckless, profane and deranged behavior. This effort to destroy the American culture has been intentional and prolonged, and it continues even to this day… and we are going to talk about how it got this way, and about who has been responsible for this attack on American culture, and why.


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