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Political Journalist PAT RIOT has been writing political blogs and researching Fake News nonsense for more than a decade now. With humble beginnings at, Pat has his finger on the pulse of the American Majority, ‘pulling down the pants’ (so to speak) of the anti-American, NWO Communist/Democrat Party and their Communist NWO/Mainstream Media accomplices. Hollywood’s Liberal/Communists are so inconsequential, Pat insists, that he doesn’t consider them a threat, noting “Seriously, who listens to actors and comedians? Only other actors and comedians, and folks who are so seriously misinformed and uninformed from watching Fake News shows that – well, that they take actors and comedians political opinions seriously!

DON KING is an experienced Liberalism Researcher and relatively new to the Political Journalist scene, spending the past 12 years cruising Facebook, agitating Left-wing Lunatics and bringing Truth where there is darkness. We welcome Don King to AMERICAN NATION and look forward to Don’s intelligent insight into the sickness and the horrific damage which Liberalism Disorder (LD and CLD – Chronic Liberalism Disorder) and Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS and CTDS) have inflicted on America’s tiny Liberal minority.

As DON KING likes to remind us: “The Silent Majority is silent no more!”

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