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Need we say more? We think not. GARBAGE CANdidates sums up the Democrat Party Presidential wanna-be’s perfectly. Not a single person of moral character among them. They are a Godless bunch of Liberal Idiots who only want their fame and their free benefits and their connections which will make them personally more wealthy. Not a single JFK among them. Liars, cheats, whores and thieves – that sums up the Democrat Party Clown Show this 2020 Presidential cycle. Trump Derangement Syndrome everywhere. Chronic Liberalism Disorder on parade. Stick a fork in ’em. The Democrat Party is done.

Not even ONE American flag on that stage. Not one. These aren’t Americans. These are Communist infiltrators who work for the United Nations New World Order Cartel – the Mob, who intends to rule the world by putting a one world government dictatorship in place of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Not on my shift, Traitor Democrat Party GARBAGE CANdidates!


It’s unbelievable to me that with all of the government intrusion into so many areas of our lives in America, that there’s no accountability for corporations like Facebook and Twitter who are allowed to interfere with our national elections to the tune of more than 10 million votes International presidential election.

What are the Democrats and Republicans in Congress doing that is more important than providing accountability for America’s ballot boxes? They’re all fired!

A new website that I sponsor called “Ballot Box USA“ is providing a brilliant solution to the ever worsening, Democrat Party voter fraud that has been discovered in every election since JFK was assassinated by the NWO Cartel (more of the Democrat Party leaders’ work). is proposing that President Trump provide federal accountability by inviting Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues across our nation to manage our nation’s ballot boxes  every step of the way.

The Democrat party has a reputation for committing voter fraud and “finding“ boxes of ballot‘s that were “lost“ or “missed placed“ during the election and virtually all of the “found“ boxes of ballots were –  you guessed it  –  votes for Democrat Party candidates. The fraud has been so obvious that Democrats aren’t even trying to hide anymore.

The lack of integrity in Democrat Party leadership is not just apalling; it’s outrageous and it’s embarrassing to realize that adults in America could actually be so dishonest that they would try to steal an election. We expect dishonesty from 7-year-olds or even 14-year-olds, but at some point, when human beings mature emotionally,  self-esteem comes in to play and we realize we don’t have to be diss honest about anything anymore. We don’t have to hide things and we don’t have to lie because men are men and women are women and we can be exactly who we are when we’re grown up. There in lies the rub…

The Democrat party is filled with adults who have never grown up emotionally. They’ve lived a lifetime of lies, the majority have never learned to deal with their emotions (hence, the crying and maniacal anger over Hillary losing to Trump) and they lack the courage and humility to be honest about who they are and how they are and when we know that, about a particular group of people, then we would never intentionally put someone like that  in a position of public leader ship. The Democrat Party has abused public trust, stolen public monies, made sneaky backdoor deals in order to fill their own pockets full of taxpayer dollars and they have stolen virtually every election they’ve “won “,  since they assassinated JFK in 1963.

JFK was perhaps the last honest Democrat, who had discovered the United Nations one world government dictatorship plan and had announced his plan to stop it. Two weeks later JFK was dead. We all know the Democrats killed him, just like they killed RFK and Martin Luther King and many other noble Patriots  along the way.

The same UN NWO Cartel/Mob jackasses are still hiding behind the scenes, killing people who get in their way and stealing elections to try to manipulate America’s destiny. The only problem they have with putting their UN one world government dictatorship in place is the 800 million guns that American patriot gun owners possess,  and American patriot gun owners love our guns  and refuse to give them up, no matter what. The NWO Cartel/Democrat Party/Mob ( you did know that the mob has taken over the US government, the main stream media and Hollywood, as well as the public education system in America, didn’t you?) will have to literally pry them from our cold dead fingers in order to take our guns away… and many American patriots believe there will be a massive 2nd American Revolution before that day comes.

We’ll talk more about this coming up…

God bless America,

Don King, Editor


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