American Underground Network

The new AMERICAN UNDERGROUND NETWORK was inevitable. Given the NWO Communists operating openly in America, stealing elections, destroying 40% of the heart of our national economic engine – small businesses – and now cutting 60% of American families off from their food, medications, health services, ability to travel and from entertainment, the AUN was just waiting to happen.

And here we are. The American Underground Network (  is already establishing rosters of doctors, grocery stores and pharmaceutical providers who will not be bullied by the NWO Rothschilds and their Democrat Party Goons who are using the Mainstream Media as a weapon to terrorize and fear-monger viewers into taking the State mRNA Injection or be denied our Constitutional rights and services essential to living life as an American. Banned medications are now being provided and dispersed nationwide, and the American Underground Network is exploding across our great land.

Families have begun to panic and are reaching out to the AUN for support, food and access to medical services, doctors and needed medications. The AUN was born out of necessity and is now providing a much-needed parallel society, far removed from the corrupt NWO Bankers and their corrupt and compromised, Stalker system.

Built solely by word of mouth, one Patriot reaching out to another, those who refuse to give up their freedom are building the greatest social and economic alternative to the Pedophile-infested globalist monopolies which are collapsing all around us, praise God.

If you or your family has been blacklisted from the existing maniacal hospital monopoly or is in need of food or medications, contact your nearest friend or family member who are 2A/NRA-friendly and remember discretion isn’t just essential – discretion is critical.

This war being waged against all Americans is truly ours to win; we the people will live free or we will die. There is no compromise and there will be no compromise when it comes to our families’ safety and our personal freedom.

Liber vivam aut moriar. (Latin for “Live free or die.”)

To engage in open conversation about protecting ourselves and providing for ourselves, outside the corrupt System, go to American Nation Forums. Let’s talk. (Click here)

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