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October 17, 2019 by /Don King, Editor

About the “Transgender” Issue:

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October 19, 2019 by Don King, Editor of

It’s called “Delusional” and “Gender Dysphoria”, but the Liberal Left crowd likes to pretend these are people were born with the wrong body. Some of the homosexual community actually believe that “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body” or “I am a man trapped in a woman’s body” when in reality, biologically speaking, they are simply “masculine women” and “effeminate men” who refuse to accept who they are.

But our culture – the Media, Hollywood, marketers – does not favor masculine women and effeminate men and, in fact, reject both groups of individuals, so much so that these people have had to find another way to explain who they are, and that is where the delusion deepens: Even for Atheists these folks tend to decide that “God made a mistake.” The Liberal Media pushes that notion onto the public and the Democrat Party pushes the “God made a mistake” theory on these masculine women and feminine men. This whole notion that “You are a mistake” is driven by the Liberal Left, and yet these people who are masculine women and/or feminine men agree that they are, indeed, a mistake, a freak of nature and they will agree to mutilate themselves in order to support this Liberal Agenda.

Guess what – God doesn’t make mistakes. Self-esteem comes from honoring who you are and being true to Self, not being true to feelings. Feelings just are, and feelings can change erratically, sometimes for no apparent reason. When one bases their actions on their feelings, on how they feel, confusion ensues and never gets better, only worse. Hence, Gender Confusion.

What is particularly ironic is that Hollywood is chock-full of men and women who identify as homosexual. One would think that Hollywood would celebrate effeminate men and masculine women, make some of them stars in movies and television shows, but instead, Hollywood has been driving this effort not to accept these members of the homosexual community and have applauded this effort to try to physically change who they really are.

FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE ONLY SEES THE REAL PERSON: Even facial recognition software recognizes these people as the genders to which people were born, not the genders to which they’re masquerading. (“Facial recognition software not recognizing a transgender – Men masquerading as women and women masquerading as men don’t fool facial recognition software.

In reality, these are people who are clearly delusional, who cannot accept reality and who refuse to accept their biological reality. It’s not new – people have been delusional before, believing that they are Napoleon Bonaparte or thinking they are someone they are not. Delusional thinking is one of the characteristics from which the Liberal community and homosexual community suffer, but commonly refuse to acknowledge.

From Psychology Today:

~ “…Physician JC Prichard (1786-1848) coined the term “moral insanity” in 1835 to refer to a larger group of people who were characterized by “morbid perversion of the natural feelings, affections, inclinations, temper, habits, moral dispositions and natural impulses,” but the term, probably considered too broad and non-specific, soon fell into disuse.

Some 60 years later, in 1896, psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926) described seven forms of antisocial behavior under the umbrella of “psychopathic personality,” a term later broadened by Kraepelin’s younger colleague Kurt Schneider (1887-1967) to include those who “suffer from their abnormality.” ~

People who suffer from Delusional Thinking have, historically, gotten help from Psychiatrists,  or for those who refuse to get help, who expressed plans to mutilate themselves, have commonly been committed to insane asylums where they could be protected from self-harm.  Today, however, after the homosexual community successfully bullied the American Psychiatric Association into removing the diagnosis of “Homosexuality” from the DSM IV in 1973, homosexuality has morphed into more serious delusions in which the sufferer so believes their delusional thinking that they (men) ask their doctors to cut off their genitals and (women) have their breasts removed and undergo surgery in order to try to create the appearance of a penis and testicles and assume an identity of the other gender – men pretending they are women and women pretending they are men. Genitalia cannot be reattached, mind you, so this mutilation is not reversible. A man’s penis and testicles and women’s breasts cannot be saved or reattached if a person’s delusions ever end, if and when they ever realize that they really are the person God created them to be.

What is truly ironic is that most straight and heterosexual Americans couldn’t care less about effeminate men and masculine women, nor do we care about their sex lives, who they choose for partners, etc. Normal people don’t care about other people’s struggles with their identities, or about the delusions from which the homosexual community suffers. It is the homosexual community who is so concerned that they are encouraging their confused friends to cut off their genitals and breasts in their efforts to resolve their mental issues.

George Orwell, author of the book “1984”

The biggest obstacle in this horrific nightmare isn’t that their gender is wrong; the biggest obstacle is these people have other homosexuals around them encouraging them to mutilate themselves and supporting their decisions to cut off their breasts and/or penises and testicles. They also commonly have a blind devotion to the Democrat Party (George Orwell warned us that people would experience an illogical “duty to the party”) and spend an inordinate time – daily, typically – in front of their TV’s allowing CNN and MSNBC and the other Liberal associate (commonly referred to by those who recognize opinion-based reporting as “Fake News”) networks to brainwash viewers into believing that opinions are facts.

“TRANSGENDER” ATHLETES BREAKING WOMEN’S SPORTS RECORDS: Men who claim to identify as women are breaking all kinds of records and winning competitions against real women, and the Media applauds this effort, despite the fact that it makes a complete mockery of women’s sports. These men who masquerade as women can’t win in men’s competitive sports – they aren’t good enough to win against men. But with their testosterone-filled bodies and male muscle structure, these “transgender” men are stealing competitions from women. AmericanRIGHT‘s position on this is: “If you have penis and/or testicles, you cannot compete in women’s sports.” The truth is, very few supposedly “Transgender” men commit to female conversion surgery. That is, few of these men will actually have their penis and testicles removed, which really makes them “Cross-dressers who take women’s hormones and have breast implants”, which makes them glorified Cross-dressers – nothing more and nothing less. It’s a charade, and the rest of us can see this inconsistency in the “transgender” claims.

The APA is oddly silent about this “Transgender” development, and probably because they have collectively been bullied and threatened into taking a position of silence about Gender Dysphoria, Narcissistic Personality Disorder  and Delusional Thinking. We don’t blame the APA for remaining silent – the homosexual community has proven many times that they can be violent and unreasonable, in part because of the entitlement from which this community suffers because they suffer from mental illnesses that they refuse to acknowledge. But we’re waiting for the APA to publicly acknowledge that they have been bullied by the homosexual community into changing the DSM IV, DSM V and DSM VI diagnostic manual. The rest of us have a right to know that people with serious mental and delusional issues are roaming our cities, undiagnosed and without the psychiatric help they really need.

One day, we suspect that the APA will weigh in again, when these mutilated individuals start suing the APA for not protecting them from themselves.  Political Correctness is at the root of all of this insanity, and the Mainstream Media, who takes their marching orders from the Communist Democrat Party, drive Political Correctness in America. The only people who subscribe/buy in to Political Correctness (PC) are those who sit down in front of their TV’s and subject themselves to daily doses of brainwashing propaganda broadcast by networks such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS and to a lesser degree, FOX.

The same adage is true for the homosexual community that is true for the addict community: ‘You can’t help someone who is not willing to admit they have a problem.’ So the mutilations continue and the delusions, as well. Americans are not accepting “Transgender” delusions like the homosexual community would like, despite laws against discrimination and rallies and parades to put these deluded people in front of the camera.

Intelligent people know that being incapable of accepting that you were born a man or a woman is delusional, a mental illness issue and not a physical mistake. It has everything to do with one’s inability to practice acceptance around their lives and the refusal to accept reality for what it really is. It is a mental problem, not a physical problem, and we continue to pray for these people to come to their senses. It’s all we can do, really, because the homosexual community will not listen to logic or reason and refuses to face reality about gender identity confusion.

It may take another 10, 20, 30 years or more for these people to wake up, one person at a time, and start admitting they made a huge mistake in going along with the Liberalism Disorder delusion that “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body”. One day, one person at a time, the reports will begin, and the inevitable lawsuits, and then – and only then – perhaps these delusional people will begin to get the psychiatric help they really need.

Then again, perhaps not. We’ve noticed that it is primarily Atheists and people who reject God who get ensnared in the delusion that they are not who were they were born to be. We know, as well, that God warns us in the Bible (Romans 1:28) that if we want to reject God, we can do so: “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper…” Clearly, that is what is taking place in the Liberal community with Democrat Party leaders, homosexuals and those who suffer from delusions who ‘identify’ as “Transgendered”.

We aren’t sure if people ever come back from a depraved mind, but we pray for these deluded people as they continue to try to change their gender by taking hormones and having their genitalia and breasts mutilated. Please pray for them with us, and we recommend you do not attempt to engage them in discussion or attempt to help them see Reality, as they are known for getting angry and becoming violent when confronted with the truth.

In the meantime, as the rest of us are being asked to accept “Transgendered” as “normal”, we step lightly but firmly around this delusional cultural mess and we pray for these people… that they might be restored to sanity, find acceptance around who and how they are (masculine women and effeminate men) and that they will start being being honest in a public way, so that other effeminate men and masculine women can more easily accept who they are and be who they were born to be. Everyone has a role in this life, and pretending you’re someone you’re not flies in the face of this plan for us all.

Many Americans believe that “Transgender” is really just mental illness, codepended by folks who suffer from another mental illness called “Liberalism Disorder”. Please pray for these people with us.

October 4, 2019 by Don King, Editor of

Welcome to where we are lifting up America, and all that is American, in prayer and in practice! We are gun-toting, Bible-believing, Moderate and Conservative American Patriots and we will not apologize nor will we back down when Americanism is attacked, like it is being attacked today by the Communist Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media, pawns of the Deep State United Nations Communist Cartel.

American politics has become The Big Lie, thanks to the lying, and intentionally misinforming, propagandizing Mainstream Media, owned and operated by the NWO Communist Liberals who have scammed the entire world with their fake “global warming/climate change” nonsense and who, in cooperation with the United Nations, intend to create a One World Government Dictatorship – over our American Patriot dead bodies, that is!

Obama opened the door to eliminate the 2nd Amendment; Many Liberal Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that a government who wants to take your guns can be trusted. History proves just the opposite. A government which can be trusted will never try to take your guns.

American politics isn’t about “Right vs. Left” anymore. It really never was. American politics is about “Right vs. Wrong” and Liberalism is completely and undeniably wrong for Americans and for America. The chronic mental illness known as Liberalism Disorder has turned Liberal Americans into raging lunatics, so out of touch with Reality that they don’t know up from down or good from evil anymore. Liberalism Disorder, and it’s associated mental illness “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, has decimated the Democrat Party’s collective mental faculties, rendering the Rats little more than murderers and pedophiles, Hell-bent on unethical, immoral behavior and incapable of making a sound – or right – decision anymore.

Some of the common threads of the Liberalism Disorder diagnosed community is that they are people who are not comfortable in their own skin. But many people have experienced that same notion, not being comfortable in their own skin. Ask any recovered alcoholic or addict and they will describe that same sense of not being comfortable in their own skin – before they began to develop spiritually through 12 Step living. They never considered cutting off their genitals or living life as anyone or anything that they were born to be – and with some personal work and spiritual development, those people all become comfortable in their own skin.

Liberalism Disorder, on the other hand, causes such deep mental illness that logic and reason are not available to LD sufferers. Chronic LD has proven to render the LD sufferer incapable of logical, reasonable, moral or ethical behavior, and instead, brings insanity and evil to that person’s mind. It’s been noted that those who reject God as wholeheartedly as American Liberals reject the Lord will be turned over to “a depraved mind”. God warned us that we have that choice to make, and we are free to make it, but when we choose to reject Him, He will turn us over to a “depraved mind”. Liberalism Disorder symptoms clearly include such a condition: a deranged mind and insane thinking, so insane that LD sufferers actually have their genitals removed in order to attempt to pretend they are the other gender – which no matter what genitalia they cut off, nor what implants they might get (fake breasts or fake penis), a man will never be a woman and woman will never be a man – ever. They don’t understand that being comfortable in one’s skin has to do with developing good moral character and accepting oneself for who we are, not physical attributes. Getting comfortable with who we are is an inside job, not an outside job. Principles like acceptance and humility are seriously lacking in the homosexual community when the desire to change their gender (insane) comes into play.

Changing his appearance, even cutting off his genitals, did not make this man into a woman. It just made him look like a woman, but the insides – who his Creator made him – hasn’t changed at all.

Men cannot be women and women cannot be men. They can pretend, but we are who we are, not who we wish we were. LD sufferers who have their genitals removed in their effort to change from male to female only become men with no genitals… and the same is true for women who wish they were men – having their breasts removed just makes them women with no breasts. Becoming comfortable in their own skin would mean accepting that they are effeminate men or masculine women – people are like that sometimes – but cutting off one’s genitals will not bring the kind of comfort these people are seeking. Breast implants won’t bring that comfort either. Getting comfortable in one’s own skin is an inside job, not an outside job.

Being comfortable in your own skin starts with knowing and acknowledging who you are, and behaving in a fashion which makes one proud to be who they are.  The homosexual community was quick to come alongside those who feel like they are “men trapped in a woman’s body” or vice-versa, but without Godly wisdom, and by leaning on their own understanding, all the homosexual community has to offer is foolishness. It’s one thing to support your fellow human beings; it’s something altogether unhealthy to encourage another person to mutilate themselves in order to try to change what God and Nature have created. You are who you are – find a way to be comfortable with who you are; that is the answer to true happiness.  Men who dress like women and women who dress like men only mask who they really are. Liberalism Disorder renders them incapable of sound mind and reasonable thinking, and Denial keeps them from being able to recognize this. “Turned over to a depraved mind…” Sad, but true, and we were all forewarned so the choice is ours.

The Lord gave us “free will”, because He didn’t want us to be forced to love Him or be forced into relationship with Him. Free will means we get to choose to be open-minded enough to seek God, to seek whether or not there is a God, or we can reject God and His Word and rely on our own understanding… which is what we see going on with the Democrat Party and the Liberal community today. It is dishonest, hostile, disrespectful and insane because left to their own devices, they become subject to Evil and are incapable of avoiding Evil. Godlessness is a common thread among Liberals, homosexuals and Democrats, but choosing to reject God is a choice they all make individually. They aren’t victims – they are volunteers for insanity.

Right is right and Left is wrong. We’ll be talking about all of this and much, much more, here at Check back or better yet, subscribe to our site and we’ll send you an email whenever we publish a new article. God bless you and God bless America!

Don King, American RIGHT Editor & American Patriot


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