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By Don Cobb, Patriot, Author/Recording Artist ~

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“We’re in the middle of a war and no one seems to know it.” I found myself saying that to a seriously misinformed CNN-watching friend, and it really struck me, the insidiousness of this “war” that all Americans are in right now, whether they know it or not.

if you watch Mainstream Media (MSM) “news”, then your perspective will likely be very different than mine, because I don’t watch the MSM anymore. I hear what the MSM is saying, however, because the news shows that I watch and they talk about the things the American MSM says each day. To the rest of the world, who are watching the US MSM as if it’s a circus sideshow, these other respected major news agencies find it hard to take the American MSM seriously, and collectively agree that the complete lack of, and abandonment of, Journalistic integrity has destroyed the once-respected MSM’s reputation among journalistic peers and professionals.

Since Donald Trump took office in 2017, the American Mainstream Media has waged a collective, overt and sustained attack on the US President, abandoning any semblance of investigative reporting in favor of an ongoing and repetitive smear campaign, replete with what appears to be a completely inaccurate but sustained character assassination assault on President Donald Trump. The MSM doesn’t even pretend to be unbiased anymore. The Leftwing extremist bias of the MSM is clear as day now.

While other nations’ news agencies worldwide look on in wonder, amazement and bewilderment as America’s Mainstream Media wages an open, four-year-long attack in coordination with the Democrat Party against the President of the United States, without so much as an apology, American MSM viewers appear to be completely dulled to the wholesale outrageousness of it all.

Never, in this writer’s lifetime, have all six MSM news agencies ever agreed on anything, with each having their own unique perspective from Journalist to Journalist, station to station. Seeing CBS, ABC,NBC, CNN, MSNBC and until recently, FOX News all ganging up on the President of the United States isn’t just alarming, it is outright and extremely disturbing.

One has to wonder – Where is the FCC while these leftist extremists who are posing as Journalists are openly waging this war against Trump? Why had Trump allowed it to go on for four disturbing years? Why hasn’t Trump’s attorneys filed harassment lawsuits against these broadcasting agencies? Who is ordering this concerted assault and how did they come to control all 6 Mainstream Media corporations? Who is behind this attack, and is it really just an attack on Trump? Or is it really an attack on America – on you and I and our families?

More coming…

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