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Author, Christian Recording Artist and American Patriot DON COBB joins the American Nation family of Patriot websites with brings a new perspective to the American Nation suite of websites, welcoming Author (12 Steps: NOT For Dummies), recording artist and American Patriot Don Cobb to the American Nation family. A faithful and experienced worship Pastor (Tetelesti with his thumb on the pulse of America, Don has been  researching the Bilderberg Group and writing about the danger of Communist infiltration in the US Government for nearly 30 years.

“It’s not just politics here in our American nation anymore. It’s been serious for a long, long time, but most Americans are unaware of the dangerous people who are fighting for control of the USA. With assassinations taking place since the Republicans first set the Democrats’ slaves free, the first assassination was Abraham Lincoln, who dared to set the Democrats’ slaves free. Then President John F Kennedy was next, then Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. President Ronald Reagan was shot but survived and Andrew Breitbart’s “heart attack” is considered by many Americans to be highly suspect, as Breitbart was telling the truth about the Leftist extremists and Communists who have taken over the Democrat Party.”

“The American Tea Party has shown up en masse for Donald Trump, filling 100,000 seat stadiums with 50,000 people outside who wanted in too, while during their debates the Democrats, even with all of their Presidential candidates, couldn’t fill a 10,000 seat stadium. Maybe now Americans will understand why such drastic measures were taken when the COVID virus was released on America and “social distancing” started – the end of Trump’s massive rallies – and all of America’s small businesses were shut down in order to destroy Trump’s incredible record-breaking economic boom. And now, We the People get to respond to these NWO Democrat/Communists, en masse, once more.”

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