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It’s not rocket science, what needs to be done in order to secure our precious freedom and Liberty once more. It’s been done before, albeit not under these circumstances. The United States of America has been violated, compromised and the US Government is clearly in the hands of those who have waged war against America for 5 years. In short, we have lost this war and have all been taken hostage by the Enemy.

Those of us with Discernment see it, and we all saw it unfold in Real Time, when this war began. Granted, there are those Americans who cannot see at all, but I am not among them. I see what this enemy has done, when the enemy did it and I have warned everyone within earshot of our nation’s plight.

Their plan is as sinister as it is devious, and weak-minded Americans have literally been brainwashed and programmed by their television sets not to see this war. Even as this war shuts down their small businesses and kills their friends and family, brainwashed Americans are as blind as they are in Denial; there is no war, in their opinion(s). They are literally blind to the Truth now.

I will not spend anymore time trying to convince the brainwashed folks of anything now. The time to talk is over. Those who have eyes to see the truth can see it all. Those who don’t have eyes to see the truth see nothing.

What the Mainstream Propaganda Media (MPM) has taught viewers to believe is a “conspiracy theory” is not just “a theory”, not by any stretch of the imagination. It is a bonefide conspiracy, and it is a conspiracy against all Americans, waging war against our way of life, our culture and our Constitutional rights, our Liberty and our freedom and our future.

The truth is not determined by what you believe; the truth is determined by facts, and by what is true. Opinions are like-… well, we all know what they’re like. Opinions are simply novel notions. Opinions are not “Truth”, even when you call them “My truth” or “Your truth”. Opinions are not the truth, or they would be called “The truth”. The Mainstream Propaganda Media (MPM) has spent years intentionally programming viewers, chipping away at Common Sense and slowly morphing one’s thinking into an absurd and confusing set of absurd beliefs which are devoid of any moral and/or ethical boundaries.

In short, those who own and run the Mainstream Propaganda Media (MPM) have used Psychological warfare against viewers, infiltrated your sense of Right and Wrong, replaced Truth with flimsy Opinions and done their best to make you reliant on them to determine your beliefs. They have corrupted your integrity and destroyed your moral foundation, and they have done so intentionally. Still, if you are a regular viewer, you do not see it, you do not see them and you have been programmed to believe that any and every mention of their dark NWO Conspiracy is “just a theory”. Newsflash: When your cities have been burned to the ground and hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed, when you have been called a Racist based only on the color of your skin and when the destruction/Lockdowns are still going on, that’s not a “theory”. That is a conspiracy, friend.

If you are one of their viewers, who still tunes in to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or any of their fake news affiliates nationwide, then it is very likely that you don’t believe what I’ve just told you. So is not talking to you.

We are talking to those whose Discernment is intact and Common Sense in place, who have retained a good moral foundation, a clear understanding of Right and Wrong and who are seriously concerned about this war being waged against all Americans by the same people (NWO) who were responsible for the Holocaust, World War I & II, who literally own the global Military Industrial Complex and who are waging psychological warfare against Americans on TV, using the Mainstream (Propaganda) Media as their primary weapon. Their war strategy is a campaign of false narratives, repeated so frequently that those who still watch the fake news shows actually come to believe the fake stories and false narratives, such as “Climate Change”, “Orange Man Bad” and “America is Racist” and “mRNA are vaccines”, none of which are true.

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