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American Men

We are American Men. We are not weak. We are not Queer. We know who we are, made in God’s image and we honor and respect who our Creator made us to be: American Men.

American Men are strong, courageous, honest, faithful, fierce and trustworthy. We are Protectors of Elderly, Women and our Children and we do not back down from Evil Men or the Demons inside of them.

American Men created this great nation, fought Evil Men and their Demons to establish this Godly nation and we are preparing to right the many wrongs that Evil Men and their Demons have inflicted on all Americans for decades.

American Men are about to make history once more. Our children and grandchildren will tell their children and grandchildren the stories of how American Men saved them from Evil Men and their Demons in order to secure the blessings of Liberty and Freedom for all Americans and our Posterity.

Join us if you are American Men too. History awaits us. Molon Labe. Live free or die.

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