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January 12, 2022 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~

SONOMA COUNTY LOCKDOWN ORDER 1/12/2022 ~ If you are as outraged as we are over the Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase LOCKDOWN ORDER which starts today (we will not comply), please join us in an organized public protest. We will be meeting at Dr. Mase’s office to protest and to demand she explain why she is ordering lockdowns which are KNOWN to “end more lives than they save” (2020 data – NY Post article from 3/22/2021, below).

The New York Post article stated that “there is no convincing evidence that strict lockdowns reduce the death toll from Covid-19. But one affect is clear: more deaths from other causes, especially among the young and middle-aged, minorities and the less affluent.”

We at don’t understand why such an irresponsible public health decision was made, knowing that lockdowns “end more lives than they save.” If you are interested in joining us to protest Dr. Mase’s lockdown order, please enter your email and/or texting/phone number contact information below and you will be put on our Contact List for these events. We will not stop protesting unless/until Draconian, death-causing Lockdowns are lifted.

We will not market to you or contact you for any other reason. If you’re interested in other article updates, please subscribe to American Nation (subscription sign-up on the bottom of this page).

We plan to set up a GiveSendGo account for bail (if needed, if/when unconstitutional arrests are made) for legal, Constitutional-right Protesters at Sonoma County Health Officer’s office.


January 10, 2022 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~

“It’s not a ‘revolution’ when you’re fighting to save your own country.” Don Cobb, Investigative Journalist at

We don’t know about you (really, we do) but we at are tired of putting up with corrupt people within our government who are supposed to be serving the people. We’re doing something about it. We hope you’ll join us, worldwide.

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It’s time to clean up our local compromised City Councils, Mayors, County Supervisors, state legislators and all (supposed) representatives who are being paid by We, the People. So many dirty politicians, and so many retired Americans who are now available to fight the good fight, to save our nation(s) from extinction.

The good news: *We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. That’s a fact. And we, as a people, are going to do all things necessary to restore our nation(s) to sanity and remove Evil from within our communities’ governments.

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We are setting up anonymous support for American Activists and creating anonymous contact lists nationwide here at, in order to help connect our American Activists with one another in every region of the country.

Organizing a nationwide network of concerned, caring American Activists is critical to our goals of showing up, speaking up and taking our country’s government(s) back.

We’re opening forums here for discussion and advice, and for sharing hope and victories and our experiences along the way as we American Activists work to restore the Soul of our great nation – together, in unity and with integrity, undeniably rooting out Evil where we find it.

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The time to take action is NOW, while these corrupt politicians are coming after our children. We’ve put up with a lot of unnecessary draconian measures over the past two years but this will not be tolerated. Our children will NOT be violated. The time to take action is NOW.

*If you aren’t Christian or American, we encourage you to join with your local Christians, because we truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We invite you to join us.

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More websites below. More is coming here at soon. VERY soon.

Let’s talk on American Nation Forums. Click image for forums.
The government is cutting off our food and stalking us. What can we do? Plenty. Click image for more information.

Why would anyone watch fake news, knowing that this fake pandemic was all just a planned terrorism attack? Let’s do something about these Terrorists now.


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