America Let’s Talk

From “Collusion” to the current “Fake impeachment” effort, one thing has become crystal clear: Democrat Party leaders are sick, sick, sick!

Obsessed with their hatred for Donald Trump, the Democrat Party leaders have been on a vendetta to take down the President of the United States (that’s called “a coup” and it’s illegal) using hearsay and innuendo and nothing more, ever since Donald Trump took the Presidency from Democrat Party  Loony, Hillary Clinton! Democrats have revealed so much about themselves through this hateful attack on the US President, so much information about the Democrat Party’s lack of character, their unprofessional conduct, their anti-American/Communist plans to destroy our Constitutional Republic and – most importantly – that the Democrat Party OWNS the Mainstream Media in America now.

Clearly, Journalism is dead in the USA. There has been no reporting of facts, because the facts are that the Democrat Party uses gossip and hearsay to try to convict Conservatives in the Court of Public Opinion in their effort to overthrow the President of the United States (POTUS). From the day that President Donald Trump took office, the Democrat Party has been accusing Trump and Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court (Justice Brett Kavenaugh) of crimes they did not commit, using gossip and hearsay as their supposed “evidence” and using the Mainstream Media to practice a “Guilty until proven innocent” approach to convict Trump and Kavenaugh in the “Court of Public Opinion”.

That’s what all of these accusations are really about. Democrat Party leaders understand the power of the Mainstream Media, and they’ve adopted Nazi Joseph Goebbels’s philosophy “Tell a lie often enough and loud enough and people will start to believe it.”

THAT is the “Democrat Party Media’s” practice now, using CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC to tell  lies in order to sway public opinion against Trump. Since the Democrat Party began running the Mainstream Media, “news” has become nothing but on open attack on the President of the United States. No facts, no crimes, just radical Left-wing opinions, false accusations and hearsay; the Democrat Party Media has destroyed America’s faith in the “free press”, and Americans are smart enough to see that the Mainstream Media has become nothing but a lapdog for Democrat Party efforts to overthrow the US Government.

Americans mourn the loss of the free press in the USA but no one is buying into the Fake News presented by Democrat Party Media talking heads. The hate is obvious. The lies are blatant. The lack of facts is glaring, and, tired of the Liberal opinions presented as “facts”, the American people are turning to new sources for Real News.

Journalism is dead in the United States of America now, and the Democrat Party is responsible for killing it. With their maniacal hatred and obsession with President Trump, the Democrat Party has destroyed the Press’s credibility, and the American Press has willingly become a stooge for Democrats, complicit in this effort to overthrow the US President and responsible for adopting the Liberalism Disorder-driven gossip and hearsay approach to reporting what can only be accurately described as “Fake News.”

RIP American Press. We the People already miss you.

Real news from a real Patriot – Join the discussion here and let your voices be heard. Don’t let the depraved minds of Hollywood and the NWO Mainstream Media traitors be your voice – speak up for yourselves, Americans!

America, let’s talk!



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