America Let’s Talk

The United States of America – “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. “The Melting Pot of the World”. “The Land of Opportunity”. All of these are accurate descriptions of the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth, in the entire history of Mankind.

A more current description might be “Under Attack by the New World Order Globalists and Co-Conspirators in the Democrat Party”, because that’s where we are today – under attack and about to quelch a 4-year attempted coup, orchestrated by the Bilderberg Group and assisted by the Democrat Party.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that the Mainstream Media is a Co-Conspirator, since the MSM is owned by and controlled by members of the Bilderberg Group, who are the Conspirators. The enemy has been identified and it is the wealthy NWO Globalist members of the Bilderberg Group. Co-Conspirators include the Democrat Party and many Republican Congressmen, as well, who have shown their colors through this attempted Coup, as well.

While America’s international role has historically been “The World’s Policeman”, we believe in making sure our own house is in order before we begin meddling in international affairs. It is clear as day that America’s radical Leftwing political party “The Democrat Party” has waged war against the USA, contracting Terrorists to incite riots, create chaos and violence in the Democrat Party-run cities which the Democrats control and ultimately – believe it or not – attempt to overthrow the US Government and the duly-elected President of the United States, American Patriot President Donald J. Trump.

Fortunately for all Americans, Donald Trump had the foresight and wisdom to take steps in September 2018 in the form of an Executive Order which will be used to crush any attempt to commit voter fraud and/or attempt a coup against the sitting President. AN staff believe that January 2021 will see the launch of that EO and that there may be a tumultuous start to the new year, and then a restoration of domestic peace and a stable USA that many Americans have forgotten even existed.

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