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September 19, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~  It is the singlemost biggest mass change in Mankind’s history and it is extreme, but it simply had to happen. It was inevitable, in fact, that healthy Mankind would one day abandon the corrupt, degenerate system that wealthy Pedophiles have hijacked from all of us, and create this new “parallel society”.

I’m talking about disconnecting from the sick, intrusive, privacy-violating Globalist system and creating our own “parallel society”, like we’re doing right now.

At last, the NWO Banker-controlled system is caving in under the immense weight of the almost unbelievable years of corruption, deception, pure Evil and years of false media narratives they’ve pushed on unsuspecting, all-too-trusting mainstream media viewers.

Welcome to our new A PARALLEL SOCIETY, where God matters, family and children are protected, people are kind (and well-armed) and where the US Constitution is still the law of the land!

From, A Parallel Society just landed on the internet today, September 14th, 2021.

A Parallel Society will focus primarily on the NWO Communist Globalists, their published plan which many media watchers believe is a “conspiracy theory”, how far along the NWO is in the implementation of their plan and what faithful attorneys, like Judicial Watch and “Release the Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell, are doing about this assault on virtually every Constitutional right Americans have. In short, will focus on “Who” has been attacking Americans and America, and “What” those people have been doing exactly, to try to take our magnificent country down.

A Parallel Society will focus on what Americans are doing in response to the overt attacks on our culture, our supply line, our mental health and our election process. The short answer is that A Parallel Society will address the ways Americans are choosing to disconnect from the NWO Banker-run system, such as closing their bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards and using cash and/or independent digital currency, abandoning their Microsoft and Apple operating systems for systems independent of globalist corporations (free open source operating systems such as Haiku, ReactOS and many more), closing their Gmail, Google and Yahoo accounts and abandoning Apple iPhones for independent-made phones which don’t stalk you or track you or document everything you say and do on your Smartphones,

So check back because we will let you know how America is disconnecting from this sick and evil NWO Banker-controlled society, and what America is doing in order to be free and private again. We will be presenting the best, most popular alternative lifestyle choices in chemical-free food, independent transportation, safe non-stalking communication tools (privacy phones, texting devices, browsers, etc.), and much more as healthy Americans abandon the shallow, violent, unhealthy, degenerate and now-deadly Globalist culture forced upon us by the criminal NWO Bankers, globalist corporations, Democrats, Anarchists, Pedophile Child Sex Traffickers and Arsonists who all appear to AN staff to be associated with the Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO Cabal.

More coming soon…

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