Democrat Party Traitors

November 2, 2019 Don King, Editor

Regarding a Fox news article about a 24-year-old woman who had her eyes tattooed blue: her mother was quoted as saying her daughter was diagnosed with depression at the age of 14. Working in both mental health and the recovery communities, this is my response to that article (honoring Fox’s request that the article not be re-printed anywhere):

At 14, depression can be addressed and treated. A good therapist – very, very rare btw, and worth taking the time to interview potential therapists existing or past clients to find a therapist who is great at what he or she does – can help address self image and/or Life perception issues BEFORE permanently altering the structure of your brain via medications.

Perception is everything sometimes. Unhealthy people raising unhealthy children, leaving the Lord and prayer out of the equation closes doors to discernment and Holy Spirit wisdom. Leaning on our own understanding, which makes us feel like “I’m the arbiter of my own destiny” (ego-mania), leaves the most powerful tool out of the toolbox: We all have a Human Spirit but we do not all choose to develop spiritually. Free will gives us that option. Amazingly, we can all invite the Holy Spirit in and develop a personal relationship with Him and begin to develop Spiritually, opening our eyes to Truth and wisdom – if we can get past our hatred and bigotry toward Christians and Jesus Christ, that is.

The Liberal Left In America is so lost and foolish and sick in large part because they have rejected God and with their exercise of free will comes blindness and an open door to dark spirits. Why do you think the Liberal community is so sick and angry and so inundated with mental illnesses? No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace.

Self mutilation is always a sign of low/no self esteem. Of course, those people don’t know that because they can’t see the Truth. The time it takes to invite Jesus into our lives and then develop a personal relationship with Him is more valuable than Gold and Diamonds and monetary wealth. Our relationship comes with a peace that surpasses all understanding – NOT mental illness or self loathing or fear. Draw close to the Lord and He will draw close to you. That’s a promise and the Lord ALWAYS keeps His promises. Peace… ☝🏻🙏🏻🔥😇❤️

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