JULY 15th, 2022 ~ This photo (right) totally sums it up. American Nation staff and I seriously cannot believe Americans are still putting up with these Traitors, Criminals and Murderers called “Democrat Party leaders” and “Central Bankers”. Simply put, these people are Domestic Terrorists and Murderers. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to me that We the People have just stood here and taken it all these years.

So much of our education and experience in America for the past 100 years is a lie – JFK, MLK, 9/11, the “Moon landing”, both World Wars were entered into for reasons other than what the American people were told, and now the Racist program called CRT and Queer/Crossdresser Groomers are in our childrens’ classrooms under the guise of “Diversity Training”. This is the most unhealthy, immoral, un-American group of people our nation has ever seen in the public arena, truly Scumbags who have infiltrated our government, our public schools, Hollywood, our Unions, our corporate hospitals and virtually every national/mulitnational corporation in America. 

They have taken over movie and television production and who they are has become crystal clear: They are the Racists, Bigots, Liars and Queers their movie and TV productions portray, Murderers and Thieves who have created a false narrative for decades in order to control the people – a false narrative that is a reflection of who they are – and are currently openly discriminating against White people, eliminating them from TV commercials almost completely, and presenting the Black community as shallow, Ho’s and Lowlifes (what a coincidence – Lowlifes portraying Blacks as Lowlifes), whose god is money, not Jesus. They have figured out how to play the Black community as though they are complimenting Black culture, while portraying Blacks as shallow people with no moral character. Guess who are really the ‘shallow people with no moral character’ – that’s right.

They’re destroying our Churches and taking down our entire nation while we watch, and now they’re openly burning down the food production companies they have a monopoly on and cutting off our food, right in front of us, while we stand here watching and while the NWO-owned fake news shows tell viewers it’s not happening.

These Traitors and New World Order Communists, who call themselves “The Elite”, have been denigrating and corrupting our culture for 50 years. They are not “Elite” by any stretch of the imagination. They are godless Scumbags, and they are the Lowlifes of the world, infiltrating our government since 1913 and now they’re openly & intentionally using psychological battery on our nation’s children in public schools to confuse them in the hopes that the children all end up not even knowing what a Man or a Woman is, and we all just stand here watching it, like it’s a movie. 

These men have all had the opportunity to do great things for Mankind, and instead, have chosen to let Greed and Evil consume their character. They have made themselves the Enemies of Mankind and we are about to watch them fall, without exception.

It’s not a movie. It’s everything we’ve all worked our whole lives for, everything we’ve ever dreamed of, everything we all planned on leaving to our children, Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews. They are openly burning down our country while we watch, and we’re doing NOTHING to stop them. Un. Freaking. Believable.

This is WAR, my fellow Patriots, and We the People are losing in a big way while we all do nothing to defend ourselves or our families. It is time that Real Men gather and talk about removing this festering sore on our nation’s body, and make a plan to be watchful and vigilant about identifying and preventing the immoral and unethical Bottom Feeders from taking positions in public service, be it political positions or government/schools on any level. We’ve learned our lesson from the dregs of society currently sitting on local School Boards, County Supervisor seats, Mayors’ offices and City Councils. These undesirables are the ‘Boots on the Ground’ for the NWO Central Bankers. The people I just mentioned, all local people, are the ones making decisions to intentionally turn our communities into Homeless Camps, Grooming centers for children, full of barren, empty stores. Look around you, and you’ll see what we’re saying. 

The good news? Those who planned and instigated the Covid Terrorism, the Death Jabs, the destruction of the vast majority of our nation’s local small businesses, the corruption of our government and hospital systems, have all been identified and are currently being targeted for investigation and prosecution for multiple Crimes Against Humanity. These ungodly Terrorists are in in their last days, praise God. Their fake news corporations and their entire system is about to collapse, and sanity will be restored to our great country. 

I would love to gather with some of you in person to make a plan and discuss how we might begin to defend ourselves. You know, like American Men have historically defended themselves since they freed themselves from the same kind of people we’re dealing with today, back in 1776. I’m hoping some of you suffer from Toxic Masculinity, like me. Maybe we can all do what Men used to do here in America: Protect, defend and secure our communities so that women, children, the elderly and all of us can live our lives in peace, free from the tyranny of Evil.

Pray about this, will you my fellow American Men? Then please contact me at Patriot@AmericanNation.net and we can talk. 

In His grace and by His will,

Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net

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